about Jentech website development

Jentech = a WordPress solution

What should your new website include as a basic element? Lots of things:

  • contact forms (or else, whats the point?)
  • basic banners that move
  • blogs
  • easy maintenance
  • embedded google maps
  • responsive design (your site should change just slightly to make reading on a tablet or smart phone easier)

What kinds of items are extra?

  • eCommerce
  • private content area with paid subscription or limited access
  • custom database for a special application
  • custom news feed to post
  • facebook styling (to look like your new website design)
  • calendar and event registration
  • etc.

How do we start? Contact me and lets take a look at what you have.

get in touch

Let me know what you need, your current site address if you have one, and how you heard about me. I’m excited to help your business look great!